Evonik offers a broad range of product competences for diverse application areas.

Yoghurt cups

Food Packaging

DEGACRYL® HS grades are ideally suited for formulation of high-quality lacquers to provide secure heat sealing for food packaging. 


Pharma Blister Packaging​

DEGACRYL® HS grades are applicable for sustainable pharma blister packaging.

Food packaging

Sustainable/Mono Packaging  

DEGACRYL® HS grades can support mono packaging to increase packaging circularity.

Bone cement

Bone cement

Bone cement fills the space between bone and prosthesis, providing a secure anchor for the prosthetic device. 


Cyanoacrylate Rheology Modification  

Cyanoacrylate adhesives are offered in a range of viscosities appropriate to the numerous application areas in which they are used.

Smiling woman with artificial teeth

Dental Applications

Evonik offers a wide range of PMMA beads to produce artificial teeth, differing in molecular weight and grain size.



Evonik offers anionic, cationic and nonionic polyelectrolytes under the grades DEGACRYL® RG in solid or aqueous solution for engineering, cosmetics, textile finishes, adhesives or cleaning agents.

Porous molds

Porous Molds

The use of durable porous molds in the ceramics industry as a substitute for plaster molds is one example of how DEGACRYL® products are making innovative solutions possible.


Resins for Orthopedics

DEGAPLAST® products are acrylic based resins for the manufacturing of composites - necessary for interlinking prosthetics to the human body.