DEGACRYL® RG - Dispersant and Thickener

Anionic, cationic and non ionic polyelectrolytes trademarked DEGACRYL® RG are solid in aqueous solution.


Alkaline solutions of DEGACRYL® RG S types are widely used in engineering and cosmetics, e.g. as thickener, dispersant, stabilizer or emulsifier. DEGACRYL® RG S is supplied in powder form and is available for various viscosities.

DEGACRYL® RG SL 606 is the aqueous solution of a sodium salt of an acrylic polymer. It is applied as "stir-in" thickening agent for polymer dispersion, textile finishes and other aqueous formulations.

The non ionic polyelectrolyte of our product portfolio is DEGACRYL® RG L 195. Mainly it is uses for ceramic slips and glazes as it leaves no residues after firing.

Cationic polyelectrolytes based on methacrylate quats are supplied in solid form (DEGACRYL® RG KF). They are designed as thickening agents in adhesives, cleaning agents and auxiliaries in textile manufacturing.

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