Durable Molds with DEGACRYL®

The use of durable porous molds in the ceramics industry as a substitute for plaster molds is one example of how DEGACRYL® products are making innovative solutions possible. They are well-established components in porous mold formulations for pressure-casting.

Porous molds

Key benefits of DEGACRYL® porous molds

DEGACRYL® for porous molds enables high pressure casting up to 50 bar which​ significantly reduces mold dwell time up to 80%. Compared to plaster molds, porous plastic materials made of DEGACRYL® have much less weight and can therefore easily be transported.​

Its outstanding inherent chemical composition ensures excellent mold surface properties, resulting in superior quality of the green bodies. In this context, we offer products with a very narrow bead size distribution. These properties also lead, among other advantages, to homogeneous dewatering of the green bodies.​

In addition, the product shows a higher productivity due to a faster dewatering process and improved life cycle of each mold. ​

​We also offer products for the variable adjustment of parameters like pore size and pore volume. If you are interested in more information, please contact our technical contact.

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