DEGACRYL® - A High-Grade Raw Material for Bone Cement

During the 1960s, a process was developed to securely fix prostheses in bone using a reactive system known as bone cement. This reactive bone cement system is based on polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) resin technology developed by Evonik. This was a quantum leap in endo-prosthetics, making it possible, for the first time, to anchor the prosthesis – especially for complex joints – securely in the bone.​ 

Bone cement

Bone cement fills the space between bone and prosthesis, providing a secure anchor for the prosthetic device. Additionally, it provides an elastic zone, reducing stress on the new implant to bone interface. DEGACRYL® raw materials are tailor made with well-defined properties in relation to particle size, molar mass and viscosity. Beside cementation of prostheses, DEGACRYL® products are also suitable as raw materials for vertebral augmentation procedures.​​

The processing properties can be adjusted over a wide range and, thanks to the constant product quality, are easily reproducible.​

This characterized material stands out for its improved properties which are ensured by a very narrow specification. ​

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