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DEGACRYL® Bead Polymers

Our experience as one of the leading manufacturers of monomeric and polymeric raw materials extends back over more than 50 years. Evonik offers a wide range of bead polymers trademarked DEGACRYL®, for individual solutions in very diverse applications.
Products of the DEGACRYL® range are PMMA polymers and copolymers distinguished by consistent quality with narrow specifications and superior free flowing properties. A high differentiation of bead size, viscosity number as a measure of the molecular weight and of residual peroxide content allow to choose the suitable type for your application.


DEGALAN® RG types are polyelectrolytes which are available as aqueous solutions or in the form of powder.
DEGALAN® RG S and SL- products are methacrylic acid copolymers and thus anionic polyelectrolytes. While S-types are solid and can be dissolved in alkali media, SL- types already exist in aqueous solutions.
DEGALAN® RG L- types are non-ionic polyelectrolytes which are dissolved in water. Evonik offers cationic polyelectrolytes trademarked as DEGALAN® RG KF (solid).

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