DEGACRYL®: For a diverse range of applications

  DEGACRYL® FOR DENTAL APPLICATIONSEvonik offers a wide range of PMMA beads for the production of artificial teeth, differing in molecular weight and grain size.

  DEGACRYL® FOR BONE CEMENTBone cement fills the space between bone and prosthesis, providing a secure anchor for the prosthetic device.

  DEGACRYL® FOR POROUS MOLDSThe use of durable porous molds in the ceramics industry as a substitute for plaster molds is one example of how DEGACRYL® products are making innovative solutions possible.

  DEGACRYL® FOR CYANOACRYLATE RHEOLOGY MODIFICATIONCyanoacrylate adhesives are offered in a range of viscosities appropriate to the numerous application areas in which they are used.